Belly-dancer Soraya - a portrait:
her personal details and background

Belly-dancer Soraya (Sonja Teske, née Chaouach) was born 1975 in Düsseldorf as the daughter of a Tunisian father and a German mother. From childhood on, she was brought into contact with her father’s roots, spending many holidays with her relatives in Tunisia. Oriental culture and in particular belly-dancing are in her blood.

„When I was a young girl I always dreamt of being able to „belly-dance“ really well…true to the motto “Girl, learn to dance, otherwise the angels in heaven won’t know what to do with you.”

Djamila (Frankfurt), Beata and Horacia Cifuentes (Berlin), Leyla Jouvana (Duisburg), Pierre Moussa (Düsseldorf), Aladin El Kholi (St. Augustin/Bonn), Said el Amir (Munich), Sahéla (Wesel), Manis (Düsseldorf), Martia Mephista (Düsseldorf) and Shahrazad (Cologne) - these are all internationally and nationally well-known teachers of belly-dancing and Soraya had the great privilege of learning oriental belly-dancing from them in various courses, workshops and projects. She continually improves and enhances her feminine, elegant style, which is also full of expression and dynamic power, by taking part in numerous further-training courses.

From 2002 till 2006 Soraya was a member of the oriental dance ensemble “Cahira”. Many former “Cahira” dancers advanced professionally and in 2006 they formed the independent “Ensemble El Amal”, of which Soraya is both a founding member and a dancer. Since 2005 she also dances together with Magdalena (Neuss), another ensemble member, performing the “Duo Amara” duet. 

In 2005 Soraya heard about ESTODA® and in 2006 she started training courses to become an ESTODA® teacher (ESsential Technique of Oriental DAnce). In 2007, after two years' training with Yasmin al Ghazali (Hirschau), Soraya became a graduated teacher of belly-dancing which gave her an even more intensive insight into oriental dancing, something which she can pass on to her pupils. Soraya handed in her diploma thesis in the summer of 2008 and since October 2008 she is entitled to the designation "Graduated ESTODA® Teacher". In order to maintain her high-level teaching quality, Soraya takes part regularly in further compulsory training courses.

Soraya’s wide repertoire consists of classic oriental dancing as well as the Spanish-Arabian style, veil and double veil dancing, dancing with three veils, the drum solo, oriental pop and oriental samba. She also does belly-dancing with accessories such as the stick dance, the sabre dance, the Isis veil dance using Isis wings, the tambourine dance and dances using plates, candles and cymbals. Soraya performs at oriental dance festivals, at business events including promotions and jubilees and at private functions such as weddings, birthday parties, club festivals, etc. (Photos: see references). Everywhere and every time she dances, the audience is transported into the magic of 1001 Arabian Nights.

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